Nightfall 21.01.2021

The band unleash their second album and Napalm Records debut, on January 21, 2021.

In an instant, intro track “Ghosts” (featuring Annisokay frontman Rudi Schwarzer) quickly showcases the musical roads the band travels: buzzing guitar lines mix with near-electronic influences and form the imposing feedback of SETYØURSAILS, proving their musical diversity. A mixture of metal, death and classic hardcore elements runs through the entire disc, but always leaves room for surprises without losing their trademark.

A mixture of catchy choruses and intense breakdowns are also evident on brutally melodic “Why”, the changing spectrum of “Deadline”, and “Into the Storm”, which starts with a crisp deathcore intro. Among others, the track “Nightfall” (featuring Andreas Doerner of metalcore veterans Caliban) shows the full straightforward range of Jules Mitch’s vocals, which oscillate between concise and clear, intense screams and expressive growling. “Mirror” begins atmospherically before bubbling up to an impressive journey through personal conflicts without losing its undeniably catchy quality. With tracks like “Secrets” and “Forgive Me” the band also presents its softer side. SETYØURSAILS are also full of surprises – together with Mike Perez from No Bragging Rights, they cover “Shallow” (from A Star Is Born) by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper and give the ballad their personal touch, once again proving their musical diversity.



Young, enraged, and firmly opposed to hate, SETYØURSAILS has earned a reputation for being unapologetically straightforward while delivering the most brutally infectious anthems around. Now, the band is poised to elevate their game by releasing their latest single, „Best of Me,“ marking a new era for SETYØURSAILS. Once again, they have effortlessly pushed the boundaries of different genres in pursuit of their unique sound and soul.

Over the past year, the band has embarked on several tours and played multiple well-known festivals. SETYØURSAILS makes one thing abundantly clear: they are more than prepared to dominate the music scene. Led by a charismatic front vocalist, their intense stage presence and passionate performances will captivate you, leaving you yearning for more. From headbanging anthems to haunting ballads, SETYØURSAILS‘ repertoire beautifully captures the depth of human emotions, resonating with metal enthusiasts from all walks of life.




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